Back Taxes & Assessments


Back Taxes & Assessments

Nidaan Accounting, a premier accounting firm in Canada, offers exceptional back taxes and assessments services to help individuals and businesses navigate complex tax situations. With a deep understanding of the Canadian tax system, Nidaan's team of experienced professionals provides expert guidance and support in resolving unpaid taxes, inaccuracies in filings, and addressing tax disputes.

By working closely with clients, Nidaan Accounting develops customized strategies to minimize the financial impact of back taxes and assessments. This includes negotiating payment plans with tax authorities, submitting voluntary disclosures to avoid penalties, and correcting errors in previous filings to ensure compliance with Canadian tax regulations.

Back taxes and assessments can have serious consequences, such as hefty fines, interest charges, and legal ramifications. Nidaan Accounting's proactive approach not only helps clients avoid these issues but also aids in restoring their financial standing and achieving peace of mind. Furthermore, the firm's expertise extends to various tax matters, including audits, appeals, and tax relief programs, offering comprehensive solutions for a wide range of tax challenges.

Whether clients are facing significant tax debts, dealing with CRA notices, or aiming to correct past filing mistakes, Nidaan Accounting's back taxes and assessments services provide the necessary expertise to navigate these complex situations successfully. By partnering with Nidaan Accounting, clients can confidently resolve their tax issues & move forward towards a more secure financial future.

Back Taxes & Assessments

Resolve unpaid taxes and inaccurate filings in Canada, ensuring compliance and financial relief with expert assistance.

Expert Resolution

Navigate complex tax situations with professional guidance on back taxes and assessments

Avoid Penalties

Minimize the risk of fines, interest charges, and legal consequences by addressing tax discrepancies

Financial Recovery

Achieve peace of mind and restore your financial standing through efficient tax liability management


Back taxes refer to unpaid taxes owed to the government, while assessments are the evaluations conducted by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to determine tax liabilities. Nidaan Accounting offers services to help clients manage and resolve back taxes and assessments issues.

Nidaan Accounting provides expert guidance and support in resolving unpaid taxes, inaccuracies in filings, and addressing tax disputes. The firm develops customized strategies to minimize the financial impact of back taxes and assessments for clients.

Yes, Nidaan Accounting can negotiate payment plans with the CRA on behalf of clients, enabling them to pay their outstanding tax liabilities in a manageable and affordable manner.

The VDP is a program offered by the CRA that allows taxpayers to voluntarily disclose inaccuracies or omissions in their tax filings without facing penalties or prosecution. Nidaan Accounting can assist clients in submitting a voluntary disclosure to the CRA.

Nidaan Accounting can evaluate clients' eligibility for tax relief programs, such as the Taxpayer Relief Program, and help them apply for relief from penalties and interest charges.

Yes, Nidaan Accounting provides comprehensive tax services, including assistance with tax audits, appeals, and negotiating settlements with the CRA.

The CRA can pursue tax debts for up to six years from the date of assessment. It is crucial to address back taxes and assessments as soon as possible to avoid penalties, interest, and legal ramifications.

Unresolved back taxes and assessments can result in significant fines, interest charges, legal actions, and even seizure of assets. Nidaan Accounting helps clients avoid these consequences by offering expert guidance and support.

Yes, Nidaan Accounting can help clients identify and correct errors in previous tax filings, ensuring compliance with Canadian tax regulations and minimizing the risk of penalties and interest charges.

Yes, Nidaan Accounting upholds strict confidentiality and privacy standards to protect clients' sensitive financial information and maintain their trust.

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