Corporate & Personal Tax Services


Corporate & Personal Tax Services

Corporate and personal tax services play a crucial role in ensuring that individuals and businesses meet their tax obligations while minimizing tax liabilities. At Nidaan Accounting, we offer a comprehensive range of tax services to help our clients navigate the complex tax landscape in Canada. Our team of experienced tax professionals provides personalized tax planning and preparation services, identifying tax-saving opportunities and ensuring compliance with all relevant tax laws and regulations. We also assist with tax audits and appeals, helping clients resolve disputes with tax authorities. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their tax objectives while minimizing risk and maximizing savings.

Corporate & Personal Tax

Corporate & Personal Tax Services involve the preparation, filing, and submission of tax returns for businesses and individuals. Nidaan Accounting provides expert guidance and assistance to ensure compliance with Canadian tax laws and regulations while minimizing tax liabilities.

Our services include:

Tax planning and compliance

Nidaan Accounting provides expert tax planning and compliance services for both corporate and personal taxes, ensuring full adherence to Canadian tax laws and regulations.

Tax preparation and filing

Our team of experienced tax professionals prepares and files corporate and personal tax returns accurately and on-time, minimizing the risk of audits or penalties.

Tax consulting and optimization

We work closely with clients to provide tax consulting and optimization services, identifying opportunities for tax savings and minimizing tax liabilities while maximizing returns.


Corporate tax is a tax imposed on the income of Canadian corporations and foreign corporations carrying on business in Canada.

Personal tax is a tax levied on the income of individuals in Canada.

Corporate taxes are calculated based on a corporation's taxable income, which is the net income earned during the fiscal year, less any deductions and allowances.

Personal taxes are calculated based on an individual's taxable income, which is the income earned during the fiscal year, less any deductions and credits.

Tax planning is the process of managing an individual's or corporation's financial affairs in a way that reduces tax liability. It is important because it can result in significant tax savings.

Common tax planning strategies include income splitting, capital gains deferral, maximizing deductions and credits, and utilizing tax-sheltered investment vehicles.

A tax professional can provide advice and assistance in developing and implementing effective tax planning strategies to minimize tax liabilities and maximize tax savings.

GST/HST returns are filed by businesses registered for GST/HST to report the amount of tax collected and paid during the reporting period. WSIB returns are filed by employers to report their payroll and pay WSIB premiums.

Preparing and filing GST/HST and WSIB returns involves gathering and organizing financial records and other relevant information, calculating the amount of tax owed or paid, and submitting the returns to the appropriate government agency.

Filing GST/HST and WSIB returns accurately and on time is important to avoid penalties and interest charges, maintain compliance with government regulations, and ensure the smooth operation of a business.

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